Individual Psychotherapy

I believe therapy is about the therapist and client collaboratively determining what causes the client's present day suffering and how to alleviate this suffering. Although the surface of your problems may be labeled as anxiety, depression, or some other mental health diagnosis, our aim is to look underneath the surface to determine the causes of these conditions. As we begin to understand the causes, we will start to see the solutions. We will ask: what are the origins of your distress and what is sustaining such distress today? Oftentimes, psychological problems are multifaceted, involving how we view ourselves and others, how we connect or fail to connect, what we avoid and approach, and how we cope with difficult life circumstances and traumas. As we explore these topics, solutions will emerge on how to fix what is keeping you stuck, leading to longstanding and expansive change.

Therapy with a trustworthy professional is a necessity for this type of change because it is difficult, if not impossible, to delve into this territory on your own. Our minds are adept at avoiding painful emotions and realizations, but we need to understand the origins and maintenance of our pain in order to escape it. I will be on this journey with you, providing connections you may be missing and considerations that are otherwise overlooked. Our work together will help you to understand yourself as deeply as possible and to make meaningful changes based on this understanding. 

I have treated clients experiencing anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, grief, issues in relationships, identity concerns, achievement impediments, self-esteem problems, and career issues. From our time together my clients have attained psychological relief, deeper connections with themselves and others, and resilience to handle life's inevitable challenges. 

Teaching & Training

I provide the following lectures and trainings to therapist trainees at externship and/or internship sites:


  • Working with Dreams in Psychotherapy

  • Identifying and Addressing Ruptures in the Therapeutic Relationship

  • Understanding Client and Therapist Attachment and their Interactions in Psychotherapy

  • Exploring Meaning in Life in Psychotherapy